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IBDL Professional

Management and Planning-Your Way to Management!

Today’s world is very competitive and challenging. It has become so imperative to your career to learn the skills of management. This leads to many opportunities and challenges with lots of potential risks and rewards. You will compete with other people for jobs, resources, and promotions. Your organization will compete with other firms for contracts, clients, and customers. To survive the competition, and to thrive, you must perform in ways that give you an edge over your competitors, that make the other party want to hire you, buy from you, and do repeat business with you. You will want them to choose you, not your competitor.

IBDL Professional is primarily a milestone in your career in the business administration field. It provides a business sense of how to implement a successful position for your organization in light of four essential pillars of performance; Planning and supervision, monitoring and control which give you edge over the competitors. The main idea is to keep focused on a type of “bottom line,” to make sure you think continually about “delivering the goods” that make both you and your organization a competitive success.

Training Materials:

McGraw-Hill Business Publishing


This course is a preparation for the international exam of IBDL Professional credential.

 Table of Contents:

  1. Managing
  2. Managing International Management
  3. Planning and Strategic Management
  4. Managerial Decision Making
  5. Managerial Control
  6. Teamwork
  7. Communicating
  8. Human Resources Management
  9. Organization Structure
  10. Organizational Agility
  11. Managing the Diverse Workforce
  12. The External Environment and Organizational Culture
  13. Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
  14. Managing Technology and Innovation
  15. Creating and Managing Change

 You Will Obtain:‎

  • ‎90 days access to e-Learning program
  • ‎50 hours training‎
  • IBDL Essential Handbook or e-Book
  • Mind Maps
  • Questions bank
  • Online Practice Test
  • IBDL Official Certificate Examination (3 attempts)