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IBDL Qualifications
IBDL qualifications are the first and pioneering certifications of their kind in Business Administration field. IBDL's certifications are particularly designed and developed for those who are looking for opportunities and qualifications in Business Administration Professionalism with an internationally recognized aptitude.
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IBDL Executive Education
IBDL works on developing executive education that meet the needs of the global market. IBDL has developed several distinguished executive education certificates so far, such as:

Business Simulation Game (BSG)
A business game is an interactive structured training activity with specially created conditions. The training is a challenging and an enjoyable tool to develop skills and to improve individual and team performance in the workplace. Like any business, games should involve people, resources and processes with an aim to give participants an experience comparable to one in real-life. The simulation makes the business environment come alive by showing participants the outcomes of their decisions and thus provides a forum for discussion based on decisions and outcomes, rather than just decisions.

Professional Assessment Centers

IBDL professional assessment center is a fully integrated online assessment platform with several key functions that include:

  1. Flexible branding: the platform can efficiently host clients' corporate brand.
  2. Flexible language capability: PQPTM is available in three different languages.
  3. Applicants' management: multiple applicants upload/report download and automatic reminders/ notifications.
  4. Multisource reporting: collating in formation from a range of assessment tools into a single report.
  5. Easy tailoring and modification: allowing integration with applicant management systems.

Experiential E-Learning
To put it in simple words, experiential learning is learning by doing'. It's one of the most fundamental, intuitive ways to learn. Any time anyone of us does something that they have never done before and then think about how it worked and why, they are using experiential learning. Unsurprisingly then, experiential learning has long been held in high esteem as a method of formal learning.
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IBDL Experiential E-Learning