Exam Accreditation

Requirements for becoming an accredited exam provider:


There is a set of requirements which the testing center must have to get accredited by IBDL. These requirements are divided into three different categories:


 Manpower, Facilities, and Testing Environment:


The center must encompass a number of minimum prerequisites such as the hardware used and original software installed, the Internet and Intranet connectivity, and the availability of interrupted power supply (UPS) for each computer.


 Testers Qualifications:


Centers must have at least two testers and a testing center manager for the operation of the IBDL Program.


Requirements for becoming an accredited examiner:


To be a holder of the International Business Driving License “IBDL” Certificate.

To be a holder of a University Degree.

To complete the certified testing workshop on the IBDL Program, organized by IBDL foundation, following the successful accreditation of the testing center.

To have a full-time employment at the testing center.

To have a professional work ethics coupled with promptness, reliability, and adherence to rules and regulations.

To have a previous experience in the administration and/or supervision of standardized aptitude and/or professional tests is a plus.



While the testing center manager should also be ideally a holder of the IBDL, he/she, at least, must be fully familiar with the intricate details pertaining to the IBDL operation, quality assurance and internal verification system, and appeals procedure. This is facilitated through his/her effective participation in the certified testing workshop.


 Facilities Qualifications:


Complain procedures must be posted.

Clearly displayed sign/directions for the center.

Helpdesk supported by adequate personnel and resources.

Sufficient telephone lines and adequate communication services (including a reliable e-mail address for the center).

Bulletin board for exam times/announcements, etc.

Adequate storage space IBDL-Exam Related documents.

Adequate financial-transaction mechanism/system (the Testing Center must deliver a receipt to IBDL candidates due to all financial transactions).

Locked and secure facility.



Minimum number 10 PCs (Minimum configuration: Core i5, Processor 2.4GHZ, 1GBRAM).

A sufficient number of printers (at least one printer per laboratory) readily accessible by each PC.

Printouts from each PC are readily distinguishable (e.g. via a watermark, header, footer etc.)

PCs supported by a UPS system.

Passing the IBDL testing requirements.




Adequate and functional operating system (minimum: MS Windows XP).

Original software licenses available and valid copies should be provided to IBDL foundation upon request.

Any recognized and updated anti-virus software.



Adequate and fully operational local-area networks within IBDL testing lab.

Adequate and reliable internet service connected to every PC.

ADSL: 2 MBPS for downloading and 512 MBPS for uploading.

Testing Environment:


The testing lab should have a U shape design with adequate space on the desk and between desks.

The testing lab should have at most 2 PCs in the line if it takes the row design and with one meter between them at least.

Quiet environment & adequate ventilation.