Executive Education

Executive Education is a type of professional education designed for executives and professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in a specific area. It typically involves short-term courses and workshops, with lectures and seminars from professional experts. Executive Education programs often focus on topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, strategy, finance, and other business-related topics. Executive Education programs can be offered in person, online, or in a blended format.


Executive Women Leadership Program – EWLP® 2019

The EWLP® is a 3-month, lock-step program designed for women's government leaders. As Special Edition for Egyptian government to meet challenges and sustainable development EGYPT 2030.

This program is designed specifically for women leaders and executives in the Egyptian government. It Provides the skills, knowledge and models needed in leading the processes of transformation, change and Development of government administration.


Professional Diploma in Economic Diplomacy:

This course will provide those involved in international relations, trade, and diplomacy with a comprehensive understanding of the instruments required for active economic diplomacy. Experts in the field will lead this training through interactive workshops, lectures, and best practice case studies, fostering innovation, creative learning, and networking amongst peers. This interactive learning will support participants' understanding of key themes, including multilateral trade agreements and ethical business strategies. By examining in-depth case studies and utilizing strategic planning tools, participants will leave equipped to formulate and implement strategic plans for more effective investment and trade policies, supported by enhanced knowledge of international treaties and major industry sectors.




GIFF is an executive program that targets decision-makers in government interested in future foresight. The participants will acknowledge the value of staying up-to-date with the latest intellect, management visions of the international expertise leadership Missouri State University and IBDL Group Egypt.

The program designed by leading experts in leadership, government innovation, technology, and sustainable development from Missouri State University in collaboration with practitioners and Experts from Egypt to focus on practical approaches to joint growth and development experience.


Digital diplomacy

This program aims to discuss the readiness of AFRICA digital diplomacy to support intra-trade & international trade. Including activities in digital diplomacy that can support AFRICA's trade in the international arena. AFRICA has a very large population in the number of internet users to take advantage of these conditions for commodity trading globally. The method used by the speakers is interactive, with training material study techniques and case studies as the basis of Digital diplomacy is a variant of diplomacy that uses the internet and the latest information communication technology to help achieve diplomatic goals. The limitation of this workshop is the diplomacy activity to optimize AFRICA's trade prospects. This training program also gets the result that AFRICA needs to maintain this digital diplomacy carefully to improve its position as a middle power country at the international level so that hopes for better trade can be realized

This edition of the Digital Diplomacy to optimize intra-African trade aims to introduce the concept to the wider public and raise awareness in the international community about the present and upcoming related challenges and opportunities facing diplomats and international affairs professionals.


Capacity building program

As endorsed by the AU Summit, the Intra-African Trade program works within the Action Plan framework for Boosting Intra-Africa Trade. It contains seven major clusters, the implementation of whose programs and activities aim to address the key constraints and challenges of intra-African trade and significantly enhance its size and benefits to attain sustainable economic growth and development.