Trainers Accreditation

Requirements for becoming an accredited trainer

  • The trainer who seeks to get accredited must be a holder of a Bachelor Degree in business, management and accounting with relevant working experience (at least 10 years) or hold an MBA degree from a recognized university.
  • He /She must pass IBDL examination with minimum score 70% for each level.
  • He /She must attend an orientation of IBDL training methodology.
  • He /She must have full/part-time employment at a highly regarded training provider/company.
  • He /She ‎must have professional work ethics coupled with promptness, reliability, and adherence to rules and regulations.

On completion of this orientation, the participant should:

  • Understand how to conduct training according to IBDL methods.
  • Become familiar with trainer certification procedures and quality requirements.
  • Recognize the training needs of the students.
  • Identify their own/others’ learning styles and implications for training.

Ways of enhancing training skills:

  • Adult learning techniques and approaches.
  • Good use of visual aids.
  • New and effective facilitation skills, behaviors and techniques.
  • Guidelines for giving and receiving feedback.
  • Managing difficult circumstances in the classroom