Training Accreditation

Training providers may apply to offer IBDL training only and there is a number of requirements for accreditation to be granted. The requirements revolve around many main pillars: the training providers’ business plan, trainers, and the setup of the training environment.


Requirements for becoming an accredited training provider


Training providers must have at least 6 working trainers.

The class room should contain minimum of 15 seats and desks with adequate spacing and proper orientation.

Adequate training tools and data show must be provided in the training classroom.

IBDL training materials obtained from McGraw-Hill.

Clearly displayed sign/directions for the training company.

Help desk supported by adequate personnel and resources.

Sufficient telephone lines and adequate communication services (including reliable e-mail address for the center).

Bulletin board for training times /announcements, etc.

Adequate storage space for training materials and other IBDL-related documents.

Adequate financial-transaction system (the training provider must deliver a receipt to IBDL candidates due to all financial transactions).

Quiet environment & adequate ventilation.

Break area, cafeteria, others.

It’s mandatory to provide videos or photos demonstrating methods.