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Enter the world of high-stakes business and build your own empire with Mogul CEO, an online Business simulation game that provides a virtual environment for students to make business decisions, develop marketing strategies, and promote their products. Mogul CEO has two versions: Mogul CEO Team and Mogul CEO Solo, each offering an immersive experience and a hands-on approach for learning about marketing and business management principles that mimic real-life scenarios. Through the game, players gain practical experience in market research, sales forecasting and advertising, and can test their decision-making skills in different settings. Whether you're a student of management or simply looking to improve your marketing expertise, Mogul CEO is an excellent tool that offers a fun, interactive way to develop your skills and knowledge of marketing and business management.


Participating in Mogul CEO offers a virtual environment where players can make important business decisions, create effective marketing strategies, promote their products, and helps participants stay up-to-date with the continuous advancements happening in the world of business management.

Tools and resources:

  • PC / Laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Student Manual

How to play:

Explore the world of corporate strategy like never before with Mogul CEO - A Business Simulation Game. Mogul generates real-time insights that simulate actual business conditions, helping you make the right decisions on pricing, sales, and competition. Experience the thrill of being a CEO and see if you've got what it takes to build a successful empire with Mogul.

There are three stages involved in working with the Mogul CEO simulations
  1. The Forecasting Stage:
    you enter decisions to test "what if?" assumptions and then modify those decisions until you enter a preferred set of decisions you think are the best.
  2. The Processing Stage:
    An administrator program assesses the decisions of all competitors to determine market share allocations for each company and the consequent profitability of each company based on its operational performance.
  3. The Results Stage:
    Once your decisions have been processed, the Mogul CEO programs will provide reports that show how well your company performed in competition with the competing companies. You respond to the results of the processing of your decisions, looking at your company's reports to assess your actual versus forecasted performance. Then you will use your analysis in a new Forecasting Stage as you begin the next decision round.
Mogul will help you to:
  • Define the mission, goals, policies, and strategies of your company.
  • Acquire the essential skills of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling your business operations.
  • Make informed decisions regarding key business areas, such as: Marketing (including market research and sales forecasts), finance (including short-term and long-term loans), and manufacturing (including raw materials, production, scheduling, staffing, and inventory control).
  • Experiment with "what-if" scenarios by plugging in sales estimates and examining the resulting outcomes.
By using Mogul CEO you can:
  • Gain hands-on experience in managing a business and handling its daily operations.
  • Appreciate the pivotal role of a business plan in guiding decisions and creating a unified vision across marketing, operations, and financial departments
  • Develop essential skills in planning, organizing, staffing, and controlling a business.
  • Understand the significance of financial statements such as cash flow, income, and balance sheets and their connection to operational reports
  • Acquire hands-on experiences to complement your understanding of entrepreneurship course concepts.
  • Learn about the relationships between marketing, operations, and finance
  • Get a dynamic experience in marketing while dealing with ever-changing competitors' positions.
  • Master understanding the operational challenges of production, inventory control, plant and workforce utilization, scheduling, and cost control in manufacturing operations.


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