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Are you ready to lead your team to success? Sparta is the game that can help you get there. This unique combination of assessment, simulation, and training is designed to give leaders like you the tools you need to understand your team members' personality types, communicate with them effectively, and help them grow. With Sparta, you'll have access to an electronic evaluation system, experienced trainers, and top-of-the-line game tools. You'll be able to put trainees into real-world situations, practice your coaching skills, and learn how to give constructive criticism. Employees will also have the opportunity to learn how to deal with leaders and managers in a positive way and express their opinions more effectively. With Sparta, you'll be well-equipped to address each employee's unique personality type and lead your team to victory.
Are you ready to level up your leadership skills and try Sparta?

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"Sparta" aims to help participants know more about personality types, coaching styles, and handling difficult situations.

Game time:

Full training day

Tools and resources:

  • Electronic evaluation system.
  • Trainers to lead and run the game.
  • Game tools that are provided by the "IBDL" learning group.
  • Audio and visual tools for presentation during the game.

How to play:

First stage:
  • The simulation starts with an electronic evaluation with training scores aimed at identifying the coaching style followed instinctively out of four personality styles:
    • Direct
    • Considerate
    • Energetic
    • Methodical
  • Each team takes over the management of the branch for a certain period of time with the aim of achieving the goals requested by the leader. During the simulation, the full interpretation of the evaluation results and action planning is explained.
Second stage:
The manager needs seven steps to discover the participants' personalities:
  • Building mutual trust
  • Opening the meeting
  • Establishing a commitment
  • Exploring alternatives
  • Receiving work commitment
  • Providing treatment excuses
  • Closing the meeting
Third stage:
  • Focusing on discovering the internal coach inside each participant, identifying the necessary skills, and training on coaching in a weekly manner.
  • Teams compete to discover the coach's style in knowing other methods.
Fourth stage:
The successful team will receive interactive Sparta warrior tools among participants, including:
  • Using the correct approach in every situation.
  • Choosing the correct answer for any meeting operation.
  • Utilizing the best training capabilities.


This will help you explore the skills of participants in your organization's work team, such as leadership abilities, coaching skills, decision-making, and conflict resolution methods. They will acquire skills in challenging and adventuring learning environment.


  • Your teams' abilities will be developed in many areas related to coaching and leadership such as the ability to analyze, lead, motivate, make decisions, negotiate and resolve conflicts.
  • Acquiring skills on how to handle situations under the influence of power.

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