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IBDL Master

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IBDL Master is the business leaders' path to develop and implement accurate business strategies by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to make efficient decisions that contribute to the success of their organizations. IBDL Master enables leaders to enhance the competitive position of the organization and lead in such a way that guarantees excellence in the business world.

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During your learning journey, you will obtain:

  • 90 days access to IBDL's E-Learning course
  • IBDL Master Textbook
  • Online practice test
  • IBDL official examination (3 attempts)
  • The international certificate from Missouri State University upon passing the exam


Add a real competitive advantage to your career by obtaining IBDL Master certificate with an international accreditation from Missouri State University.
This course is a preparation for the international exam of IBDL Master credential

Components of Your Learning Journey:

  1. What Is Strategy and Why Is It Important?
  2. Charting a Company's Direction.
  3. Evaluating a Company's Resources, Capabilities, and Competitiveness.
  4. The Five Generic Competitive Strategies.
  5. Strengthening a Company's Competitive Position.
  6. Strategies for Competing in International Markets.
  7. Corporate Strategy.
  8. Building an Organization Capable of Good Strategy Execution.
  9. Leadership.
  10. Fifteen Complete Harvard Case Studies.

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