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Professional Corporate Trainer Accreditation

Our Services/Professional Corporate Trainer Accreditation

IBDL Learning Group offers professional corporate trainer accreditation, designed to qualify and recognize the highly skilled corporate trainers. Our accreditation provides confidence to all stakeholders, showcasing your dedication to excellence in professional training and development.


  • Accreditation Certificate:
    Upon successful accreditation, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate with the accreditation of Missouri State University, acknowledging your commitment to the highest standards of professional training.
  • Listing and Visibility:
    You will be listed on the IBDL corporate trainers platform, gaining visibility and recognition within the professional training community.

How to Obtain Professional Corporate Trainer Accreditation:

  • Stage 1: Initial Assessment
    Contact IBDL and consult with one of our experienced learning and development experts. They will guide you through the process and help evaluate your readiness to apply for accreditation.
  • Stage 2: Application
    Complete our detailed application form, providing thorough answers to all the questions. This is your opportunity to showcase how you meet the criteria for professional corporate trainer accreditation. You'll need to demonstrate alignment with IBDL's Dimensions of Professionalism, which define the standard for exceptional corporate training. Throughout this stage, your dedicated IBDL learning and development expert will offer guidance and support.
  • Stage 3: Training, Examination, and Evaluation
    You will attend an extensive training program followed by written exam and project evaluation. Following the evaluation, our experts will submit a detailed report to IBDL, including their recommendation. You will be promptly notified of the outcome and obtain your certificate, and when necessary, provided with valuable advice on areas that require further development to meet the accreditation standards.

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