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Certified Industrial Engineering is your one of a kind qualification that gives you the opportunity to take the next step in your manufacturing field. You will acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to improve your efficiency in managing industrial processes, and to gain a deeper understanding of the basic elements of operations management, quality management, project management, and supply chain management, thus improving your ability to identify, formulate and solve problems of industrial processes, and takes your career to another level

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To be enrolled to the CIE program, you need to have the following qualifications:
  1. Bachelor degree holder.
  2. Good command of English language


CIE program is accredited and recognized by the International Leadership Training Center (ILTC) of Missouri State University (MSU) and powered by IBDL Learning Group.

Components of Your Learning Journey:

  1. Add significant value to organizations by implementing improvements through application of system, process, and management methodologies and tools.
  2. To provide formal and informal project, administrative, and technical leadership.
  3. Engage in professional growth through post-graduate education, certifications, and professional societies.
  4. To encourage higher educational standards in the Industrial Engineering field.
  5. To establish an objective measure of an individual's knowledge and competence in the field of Industrial Engineering.
  6. To encourage continued professional development by Industrial Engineers.
  7. The CIE (Certified Industrial Engineer) is the advanced professional certification specifically designed to measure the crucial technical and management skills, making participants better-rounded and employable engineers. Achieving the CIE credential demonstrates your mastery of planning, analysis, control, and decision support.

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