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Fair Work Policy 

1.      Introduction

At IBDL, we are dedicated to fostering a fair and inclusive work environment for all our stakeholders, which includes learners, corporate clients, accredited training centers, and accredited trainers. This Fair Work Policy reflects our unwavering commitment to promoting fairness, transparency, and respect in all aspects of our operations while upholding the values of Value-addition, commitment to delivery, Innovative solutions, and digitalization.

2.      Equal Opportunity

We firmly believe in offering equal opportunities to all individuals, regardless of their background, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law. We are committed to maintaining a workplace where everyone has the same chance to excel.

3.      Non-Discrimination

Discrimination of any kind is strictly prohibited. This encompasses discrimination in hiring, promotions, compensation, training opportunities, and other facets of our operations. We encourage anyone who experiences or witnesses discrimination to report it promptly.

4.      Harassment-Free Environment

We provide a harassment-free environment for all our stakeholders. Harassment, whether verbal, physical, or visual, will not be tolerated. We expect all our stakeholders to treat each other with respect and dignity.

5.      Fair Compensation

We believe in providing fair compensation for the services rendered. Learners, corporate clients, accredited training centers, and accredited trainers can expect transparent and equitable compensation commensurate with the value they add to our mission and in line with market standards.

6.      Training and Development

We are committed to supporting the professional growth and development of our accredited trainers, learners, and staff. We provide opportunities for training and development to enhance skills, deliver innovative solutions, and leverage digitalization for continuous improvement.

7.      Value-addition

We are driven by the value we add to our learners, corporate clients, and the industry. We strive to constantly enhance the quality and relevance of our educational offerings to ensure that we bring real value to our stakeholders.

8.      Commitment to Delivery

Our commitment to delivery is unwavering. We are dedicated to meeting our promises, deadlines, and obligations to our stakeholders, ensuring they can rely on us to deliver exceptional educational and training services consistently.

9.      Innovative Solutions

Innovation is at the core of our approach. We encourage creative thinking and the pursuit of innovative solutions to address the evolving needs of our learners and corporate clients. We value and support innovative ideas and solutions from all our stakeholders.

10.   Digitalization

We embrace digitalization to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations. By leveraging digital technologies, we ensure a more accessible, flexible, and engaging learning experience for our learners and provide streamlined processes for our partners.

11.   Grievance Mechanisms

We encourage open and transparent communication. If any stakeholder has concerns or grievances related to their work or interactions within IBDL, we provide mechanisms for reporting and addressing these issues. All complaints will be taken seriously and addressed promptly and confidentially.

12.   Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We are committed to complying with all applicable labor laws, regulations, and standards, in addition to all relevant educational and training industry regulations.

13.   Accountability

We hold ourselves accountable for maintaining a fair work environment, and we expect all our stakeholders to do the same. We regularly review and assess our Fair Work Policy to ensure its effectiveness and make necessary improvements.


At IBDL, we are committed to creating a fair and supportive work environment for all our stakeholders. By embracing the values of Value-addition, commitment to delivery, Innovative solutions, and digitalization, we can collectively achieve our mission of delivering high-quality international business education and training services while advancing the industry with cutting-edge solutions.


Safeguarding Policy


1.     Introduction

At the International Business Driving License (IBDL), we are dedicated to delivering high-quality business education and ensuring the safety and well-being of all our stakeholders. This safeguarding policy is designed to protect not only the interests of our learners but also those of our valued corporate partners, accredited training centers, and accredited trainers. Our core values of value addition, commitment to excellent delivery, innovative solutions, and digitalization are integral to our approach to safeguarding.

2.     Key Principles

a.     Inclusivity and Equality: IBDL ensures that all individuals, irrespective of their background, are treated with respect and equality.

b.     Prevention: Our safeguarding measures are proactive, with a primary aim to prevent harm and protect the rights of all stakeholders.

c.      Empowerment: We empower all stakeholders to report concerns, creating a culture of transparency and accountability.

d.     Compliance: IBDL adheres to all relevant national and international legislation, regulations, and best practices in safeguarding.

3.     Safeguarding of Learners

a.     Safe Learning Environment: IBDL provides a secure and nurturing learning environment, free from bullying, harassment, discrimination, or harm.

b.     Vetting and Training: All IBDL staff and trainers undergo extensive background checks and receive training in safeguarding procedures to ensure the safety of our learners.

c.      Reporting and Response: IBDL maintains a clear process for reporting and addressing safeguarding concerns. Any concerns raised will be treated seriously and investigated promptly.

d.     Support Services: IBDL offers access to support services, counseling, and guidance to learners who may be affected by safeguarding issues.

4.     Safeguarding of Corporates

a.     Transparent Partnerships: IBDL maintains transparent and ethical partnerships with corporate clients, ensuring their interests and the safety of their employees are safeguarded.

b.     Data Protection: IBDL complies with stringent data protection regulations to guarantee the confidentiality and security of corporate data.

c.      Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable for the quality of services provided to corporates and ensure their interests are well represented in the learning process.


5.     Safeguarding of Accredited Training Centers

a.     IBDL ensures accredited training centers meet our safeguarding standards through continuous quality assurance processes.

b.     Audit and Inspection: Regular audits and inspections are conducted to verify that accredited training centers comply with safeguarding guidelines, upholding the safety of learners.

c.      Capacity Building: We support accredited training centers in enhancing their safeguarding policies and procedures to maintain a safe learning environment.

6.     Safeguarding of Accredited Trainers

a.      Accredited trainers must meet specific qualifications and undergo training in safeguarding to work with IBDL, ensuring the safety of learners during the training process.

b.     Monitoring and Supervision: IBDL maintains a robust monitoring and supervision system to ensure that trainers adhere to safeguarding standards while delivering IBDL programs.

7.     Our Values in Safeguarding

a.     Value Addition: IBDL constantly seeks to enhance its safeguarding policies and practices to add value to the learning experience for all stakeholders.

b.     Commitment to Excellent Delivery: Our commitment to excellence extends to safeguarding; we are dedicated to achieving the highest standards in this regard to protect the interests of all involved.

c.      Innovative Solutions: IBDL leverages innovation to enhance its safeguarding measures, incorporating technology and best practices to maintain a secure learning environment.

d.     Digitalization: We use digital tools and platforms to streamline safeguarding reporting and communication, ensuring the security of digital assets related to the IBDL programs.

8.     Reporting Concerns

All IBDL stakeholders are encouraged to report safeguarding concerns through designated reporting channels, which will be kept confidential and treated with the utmost seriousness.

This safeguarding policy exemplifies IBDL's commitment to providing a secure learning environment while upholding its core values and principles. We will continually review and update this policy to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with evolving needs and regulations.


Data Protection Policy 

1.     Introduction

The International Business Driving License (IBDL) is committed to protecting the personal data of our learners, corporate clients, accredited training centers, and accredited trainers. This Data Protection Policy outlines our commitment to data privacy and compliance with applicable data protection regulations.

2.     Scope

This policy applies to all personal data collected, processed, and stored by IBDL, whether through our website, offline forms, or other communication channels.

3.     Principles

a.     Data Minimization: We will only collect and process personal data necessary for the purposes it was collected, promoting efficiency and value addition for our stakeholders.

b.     Lawfulness, Fairness, and Transparency: We will process personal data lawfully and transparently, ensuring that individuals know how their data is used and upholding our commitment to excellence in data handling.

c.      Purpose Limitation: Personal data will only be used for the specific purposes for which it was collected, and we will continuously seek innovative solutions to maximize the utility of this data.

d.     Data Accuracy: We will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal data is accurate and up to date, reflecting our commitment to data quality.

e.     Data Security: We will implement innovative digitalization techniques and appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, reflecting our commitment to digitalization and security.

f.       Data Retention: We will retain personal data only as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or as required by applicable laws and regulations, ensuring efficient data management.

g.      Data Subject Rights: We respect the rights of data subjects, including the right to access, rectify, delete, or restrict the processing of their personal data, in line with our commitment to value addition for our stakeholders.

4.     Data Collection and Usage

a.     Learners: We collect personal data from learners to provide educational services, track progress, and communicate with them. This data may include names, contact information, educational records, and feedback, facilitating personalized learning and value addition.

b.     Corporate Clients: We collect data from corporate clients to manage training programs, billing, and contract management, ensuring excellent delivery of services.

c.      Accredited Training Centers and Trainers: We collect data to verify accreditation and to maintain a professional relationship, promoting value addition through continuous improvement. 

5.     Data Security Measures

We employ various innovative digitalization techniques, encryption, access controls, and regular security assessments to protect personal data, aligning with our commitment to digitalization and data security.

6.     Data Sharing

We will only share personal data with third parties when necessary to provide services and only with their consent or where required by law, ensuring transparency and trust in our commitment to value addition.

7.     International Data Transfers

If we transfer personal data internationally, we will ensure that innovative solutions are in place to protect the data during its journey.

8.     Data Breach Response

In the event of a data breach, we will promptly investigate, notify affected individuals, and take necessary steps to mitigate the impact, reflecting our commitment to excellence in handling data security incidents.

9.     Training and Awareness

We will provide training to employees and contractors to ensure that they understand their data protection responsibilities, promoting a culture of data protection excellence.

10.  Compliance

IBDL is committed to compliance with all applicable data protection laws and regulations, including the GDPR, CCPA, and any other relevant laws, in line with our commitment to legal excellence.

11.  Review and Updates

      This policy will be reviewed periodically and updated to ensure it remains compliant with data protection laws. It aligns with our values of value-addition, commitment to excellent delivery, innovative solutions, and digitalization.


Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy

1.      Introduction

IBDL, the International Business Driving License, is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and diverse learning environment that aligns with our core values. Our commitment to value addition a steadfast commitment to excellent delivery, innovation, and digitalization extends throughout our organization. We firmly believe that embracing diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives enriches our learning experiences, drives innovative solutions, and enhances value creation. IBDL is unwavering in its dedication to promoting equal opportunities and diversity within our organization and throughout our global network.

2.      Equal Opportunity

IBDL is committed to providing equal opportunities to all individuals engaging with the IBDL program. We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law. Our core values include ensuring that all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

3.      Commitment to Diversity

We recognize that diversity encompasses not only the characteristics mentioned above but also differences in thought, experience, and perspective. Our commitment to innovation and digitalization means actively creating an environment that celebrates diversity, is free from discrimination or harassment, fosters innovative solutions, and contributes to creating value-added, excellent, and digitally enhanced solutions for our IBDL candidates, partners, and stakeholders.

4.      Responsibilities

·        Leadership: The IBDL leadership team ensures that our commitment to equal opportunity and diversity, guided by our values, is upheld throughout the IBDL program and its global network.

·        Program Managers and Supervisors: Program managers and supervisors, consistent with our commitment to excellent delivery, must foster an inclusive learning environment, addressing any issues promptly and fairly.

o   All Members: Everyone associated with IBDL is expected to contribute to an inclusive environment, both within our program and when working with IBDL candidates, partners, and stakeholders. This includes promoting open communication and participating in diversity and inclusion initiatives to further our commitment to innovative and digital solutions.

5.      Recruitment and Retention

We encourage IBDL partners and stakeholders to join us in recruiting, hiring, and retaining individuals from diverse backgrounds. We promote diversity in all opportunities, ensuring that IBDL candidates, partners, and stakeholders have access to a diverse and inclusive talent pool, ultimately enhancing value creation.

6.      Training and Development

We provide training and development opportunities that align with our commitment to innovative solutions, including programs that raise awareness, address unconscious bias, and foster intercultural competence. Our partners and stakeholders are encouraged to participate in these initiatives to enhance their ability to deliver value-added, excellent, innovative, and digitally enhanced solutions through IBDL.

7.      Reporting and Resolution

We extend our reporting and resolution mechanisms for discrimination, harassment, or policy violations to IBDL candidates, partners, and stakeholders. All complaints will be treated confidentially and with respect, and we are committed to resolving any issues promptly and fairly, in line with our values.

8.      Accountability

IBDL holds itself accountable for its commitment to equal opportunity and diversity, rooted in our core values and encourages our partners and stakeholders to do the same. Regular evaluations and improvements are made to maintain an inclusive and diverse learning community that embodies our values.

9.      Compliance with Legal Obligations

We adhere to all relevant local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding equal opportunity and diversity, as our commitment to digitalization involves keeping pace with legal requirements. We encourage our partners and stakeholders to do the same.

10.   Conclusion

We believe that our commitment to equal opportunity and diversity, driven by our values, strengthens the IBDL learning community, fosters innovation, and advances digitalization, leading to the creation of value-added, excellent, and innovative solutions for IBDL candidates, partners, and stakeholders. We encourage all members of IBDL and our global network to embrace these principles and work together to create a positive and inclusive environment.




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