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Academic Accreditation

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IBDL Academic Accreditation is designed to help students choose business learning to support their professional business Administration careers. It recognizes universities that engage with the business Administration profession and who offer modules/courses/program frameworks to students which demonstrate alignment with the IBDL Body of Knowledge. Academic Accreditation assesses relevant degree-based modules, courses, and program frameworks.


  • A certificate, valid for three years
  • An IBDL Accreditation logo to use on all relevant promotional material
  • A listing and link on the IBDL platform
  • A copy of the assessor’s report to use for further development of your program
  • The experience plus qualification route to IBDL Full Membership (route 1) will be available to any student who has successfully completed an accredited module or course, subject to meeting any eligibility date ranges that may be applied.

Students on accredited academic courses are eligible for a free IBDL Student Membership, which offers access to IBDL platform.

How to gain accreditation:

  • Stage 1 – Initial discussion
    Once you register your interest in accreditation, a business development manager will discuss your needs and your readiness to apply.
  • Stage 2 – Completing your application
    You should answer the questions in the application form as fully as possible and provide relevant course materials.
  • Stage 3 – The assessment
    Your application will be sent to an assessor, who will assess whether it meets the requirements of accreditation. An online ‘site visit’ will be arranged to clarify any outstanding issues.
  • Stage 4 – Assessment decision
    Our assessor will complete a report, making recommendations to IBDL. We will inform you promptly of the outcome. You will receive a copy of the report and advice on areas that require development in order to meet the standards of accreditation, if necessary.
  • Stage 5 - Re-assessment
    If your application is unsuccessful, you will be provided with the assessor's report plus advice on areas requiring development. You may re-submit at any time. This will be treated as a new submission.
  • Stage 6 – Annual renewal
    On the anniversary of your accreditation, you will be sent an annual report template and invoice and be asked to confirm that the standards recognized through your initial assessment have been maintained. On the third anniversary of your assessment, you will be invited to go through a full re-assessment.

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