We develop innovative and digitalized education that enables every person and organization to move forward.


our mission

Is to develop the education that enables every person and organization to move forward

Our Goals

1-   Accelerate value generation through innovative products and solutions:

We are working hard towards developing our portfolio of professional certifications and integrated educational products and solutions, through open innovation, effective partnerships, and the use of learning models.

2-   Enhancing the Learning-Driven Organization Model:

We have established a sustainable learning culture that integrates people learning, leadership, and machine learning, so we seek to support our employees, with the aim of learning and attracting the best talent that contributes to advancing the Learning-Driven Organization Model.

3-   Develop digital products

We’re expanding our reach by providing a supportive digital ecosystem for the education and learning sector, which contributes to advancing the process of digital transformation in a broader way and helps individuals and institutions achieve the greatest return from impact.

4-   Supporting universities for excellence

We support all our university partners in their efforts to maintain their strength and enhance their position in international rating and rankings, and we seek to improve their performance by providing products and solutions that meet the needs of the labor market, as well as strengthening their core businesses and improving their digital capabilities.