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Corporate Accreditation

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Accrediting Business Administration Standards in Your Organization

At IBDL Learning Group, we offer a comprehensive accreditation process for organizations aiming to uphold high standards in business administration. Our accreditation is a testament to your commitment to excellence in professional development. By aligning with our Business Administration Standards, you demonstrate dedication to cultivating a skilled and proficient workforce.



  • Professional Recognition:

Gain professional recognition for your organization's commitment to excellence in business administration standards.

Showcase your dedication to developing a skilled and proficient workforce.

  • Certification Validity:

Receive a three-year validity certificate, affirming your organization's alignment with IBDL's Business Administration Standards.

  • Accreditation Logo Usage:

Authorization to use the prestigious IBDL Accreditation logo on all relevant promotional materials, signaling credibility and high standards.

  • Platform Inclusion:

Enjoy a listing and link on the IBDL platform, enhancing visibility within the professional development and business administration community.

  • Assessor's Report:

Receive a comprehensive assessor's report, offering valuable insights into your organization's strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Ongoing Support:

Benefit from ongoing support throughout the accreditation process from your dedicated IBDL business development manager.

  • Enhanced Program Development:

Leverage the assessor's report to further develop and enhance your professional development program, ensuring continuous improvement.

  • Corporate Partnership Opportunities:

Explore broader corporate partnership opportunities tailored to your organizational goals and objectives.

  • Professional Development Excellence:

Demonstrate a commitment to professional development excellence and contribute to the growth and success of your organization.

  • Elevated Reputation:

Elevate your organization's reputation by aligning with internationally recognized Business Administration Standards, setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry.

  • Competitive Advantage:

Gain a competitive advantage by differentiating your organization as one that prioritizes and upholds the highest standards in business administration.

  • Network Expansion:

Expand your network within the professional development and business administration community, fostering valuable connections and collaborations.


Ready to Elevate Your Organization's Standards?

Contact our Accreditation Team and take the first step toward accrediting your organization with IBDL's Business Administration Standards.

 Key Steps in the Accreditation Process:

Engage with IBDL:

Contact IBDL to initiate discussions with our business development managers. They will guide you through understanding the accreditation process, evaluating your organization's readiness, and addressing any initial inquiries.

Application Submission:

Complete our detailed application form, providing comprehensive responses to showcase how your organization meets the criteria for accreditation. Emphasize your commitment to the IBDL Business Administration Standards, specifically focusing on the Dimensions of Professionalism. Throughout this stage, your IBDL business development manager will offer ongoing support.

Assessment Phase:

Our assessors will conduct a thorough desk assessment of your application. Additionally, a site visit may be arranged to gain insights into your organization's practices. A detailed report, along with the assessor's recommendation, will be submitted to IBDL.

Outcome Notification:

IBDL will promptly inform you of the accreditation outcome. If successful, you will receive a three-year validity certificate, authorization to use the IBDL Accreditation logo, a listing and link on the IBDL platform, and a copy of the assessor's report for further program enhancement. 

Explore Corporate Partnership Opportunities:

If you are considering a broader corporate partnership program, we are here to discuss tailored solutions that align with your organizational goals.


Ready to Take the Next Step?

Contact our Accreditation Team to initiate the process and elevate your organization's commitment to Business Administration Standards.

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