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Training Provider Accreditation

Our Services/Training Provider Accreditation

Training providers that achieve accreditation demonstrate their ability to deliver our qualifications at a superior level, ensuring candidates receive an exceptional learning experience during their exam preparation. We maintain a close collaboration with our accredited providers, sharing best practices and the latest guidance, which they, in turn, impart to their candidates, positioning them for success.

The demand for IBDL professional qualifications is substantial across various professions, and your accreditation serves as an assurance to those seeking it that your organization upholds the highest standards in training, exam preparation, and delivery. By obtaining accreditation, you will gain the right to use our endorsement, leveraging our name and reputation. We work collaboratively to ensure a mutually beneficial alignment, offering ongoing training, audits, and guidance to keep you updated with the latest advice and methodologies. Additionally, you will have access to our exam booking system, facilitating a seamless learner journey from start to finish.

Who can be a Training Provider
Any organization that meets certain criteria and wishes to provide IBDL professional qualifications can become a Training Provider. They may include the following:

  • Training organizations
  • Colleges and universities
  • Government agencies

How to Attain Training Provider Accreditation

    • Stage 1
      Initiate contact with IBDL and consult with one of our business development managers. They will assist you in evaluating your readiness for the application.
    • Stage 2
      Complete our application form comprehensively, outlining how your organization aligns with the Accredited Training Provider Standard.
    • Stage 3
      Undergo a desk assessment of your application by our assessor, followed by an interview. A report, along with the assessor’s recommendation, will be submitted to IBDL, and you will be promptly informed of the outcome. If necessary, you will receive advice on areas that require development to meet the accredited training provider standard.
    • Stage 4
      On the anniversary of your accreditation, submit an annual report demonstrating your commitment to continuous improvement in delivering IBDL qualifications.


Become Training Providers
Simply complete the online application, and we will initiate the qualifying process.

Note: A separate application is required for each training location.

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