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Professional Course Accreditation

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IBDL Professional Course Accreditation is designed to help learners choose the best course in support of their professional project management career. Professional Course Accreditation identifies those courses which are aligned to the IBDL Body of Knowledge, but do not lead to, or cover the syllabus of formal IBDL professional qualification.


  • Increased credibility for course/s by being accredited by IBDL 
  • Recognition that IBDL-accredited professional courses support IBDL professional advocacy via the Business Administration standard Dimensions of Professionalism
  • Recognition to end-users of the training providers support of IBDL professional advocacy model
  • Recognition and awareness of training to support improved business Administration delivery capability
  • A reference point for corporate institutions to inform their choice of training courses

For IBDL Professional Course Accreditation, only those courses that have a significant element of Business Administration skills that can be mapped to IBDL Body of Knowledge will receive accreditation. Courses and course delivery will also be evaluated to identify how they support IBDL advocacy via the Business Administration standard Dimensions of Professionalism. IBDL Professional Course Accreditation is only available to IBDL Accredited Providers.

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