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Body of Knowledge

Who We Are/Body of Knowledge

The body of knowledge (BoK) refers to the collective knowledge and understanding within a specific field or discipline. It encompasses the theories, principles, concepts, practices, and research findings that have been accumulated and validated over time by experts and professionals in the field. The BoK serves as a foundation for education, research, and professional practice, providing a framework for understanding and advancing the discipline. The body of knowledge concept helps to define and structure a field of study, ensuring that there is a common understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles that underpin it. It provides a comprehensive overview of what professionals in the field should know, enabling them to apply the knowledge effectively in practical situations.

Enjoy exploring the body of knowledge of our professional qualifications:

IBDL Essential is your gateway to the business world, giving you an engaging educational experience specially designed for you. Moving from understanding the fundamentals of business, to studying examples of leading organizations globally, to allow you to acquire the knowledge and abilities you need for your next move to boost your career potential and/or start your own business.

IBDL Professional is your powerful tool to develop the skills and knowledge that will help you to move along your professional career. IBDL Professional enables organizations to prepare second-line leaders and managers through developing their management skills, which enable them to lead their organizations efficiently. Specially designed in an interactive and enjoyable way, in which you move from studying the management skills, through understanding the basics of planning and strategic management, providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to grow on the personal and professional levels and invest in your future.

IBDL Master is the business leaders' path to develop and implement accurate business strategies by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to make efficient decisions that contribute to the success of their organizations. IBDL Master enables leaders to enhance the competitive position of the organization and lead in such a way that guarantees excellence in the business world.

Certified Educator is the teachers' tool for providing a rich and personalized learning experience for students. It enables schools to improve teachers' qualities by improving teaching skills, knowledge, and pedagogical strategies, which enhance the quality of teachers in the schools. Certified Educator helps the teacher to develop new skills and strategies, improve classroom management, and how to better communicate effectively with students, passing by learning modern and effective ways to provide information to different students within the same class, leading to the ability to motivate students to interact during the entire educational stages.

Certified Industrial Engineering is your one of a kind qualification that gives you the opportunity to take the next step in your manufacturing field. You will acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to improve your efficiency in managing industrial processes, and to gain a deeper understanding of the basic elements of operations management, quality management, project management, and supply chain management, thus improving your ability to identify, formulate and solve problems of industrial processes, and takes your career to another level.


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